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Graphite has a very strong hexagonal structure and thereby its unusually high performance characteristic. Materials  and semi-finished products from flexible graphite are designed for high-pressure and industrial seals.


Thesealingtapes basedon PTFE, graph- ite, silicone also glass and ceramic fibre enable make an instant seal directly on installation and they are indispensable in case of sudden needs to do replacement of a seal. Because of low forming pressure (m factor) it can be use for most flanges, also made of soft and fragile materials as plastic and glass.


These components have the right mechanical strength, low heat ca- pacity and excellent resistance to sudden tem- perature shocks. The boards are molded and cut, possibly grind to the right thickness. After cutting, the boards can be ready for montage, this way saves time and minimizes waste.


Gland packings are a traditional method of sealing pumps, valves and other equipment in rotary motion. Through use the latest achievements of material engineering and high-performance components, the modern packings are characterized by lack of health hazards and long working time.


The ceramic fibre is made from melt-  ed kaolin, alumina and zirconium oxide, where the impurities level is no more than 1%. The melting temperature  of  this fibre is about 1800°C, average diam- eter 3.5 µm and is designed for applica- tions with continuous temperatures over 1050°C and where furthermore the high tensile  strength,  low thermal conductivity and low shrinkage are required.


PTFE is one of the most chemical resistant plastics, moreover it has especially wide of working  temperature  range  from  -260  up to +260°C. The PTFE materials are use in various forms in industry, for construction of installa- tion, repair and service of devices. This is easy and safety to use plastic, it is physiologically inert and it passed a FDA approval. The PTFE shapes can be easy machining by typical tools and machines designed for metal and wood.

  • Diagnostic laboratories

    Diagnostic laboratories
    We regularly conduct structure surveys
    and diagnostics of materials based on
    about your own laboratory. Each of the
    batch of  products are tested and marked.
  • Research and development

    Research and development
    At the Institute of Carbon Technology,
    with Nicolaus Copernicus University
    we lead graphene, nanotubes research,
    and their implementation in technology.
  • Distribution

    We provide full service also logistic
    of deliveries based on a production 
    plant network, intermodal transport
    and system of modern warehouse units.
  • Experience

    Since over 25 years our products work 
    in high performance devices, passing 
    by strict tests and meets high demands 
    of professional users and newest norms.
  • Innovations

    We publish our own periodic magazine,
    which shows the latest trends in branch,
    promotes innovative, modern materials
    also in leading industrial technologies.
  • Service and consulting

    Service and consulting
    Knowledge and practice of our experts
    and technical advisers is a great support
    in the field of the materials economic
    optimization and their right selection.
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